In a world of overly processed food products with added sugar, artificial ingredients and no nutritional benefits to the human body, we chose to go a different route. Our mission at Sugarcane Island is to produce food & beverage products that are healthy, have clean ingredients and as close to nature as possible. Sugarcane (a healthy grass) is the medium by which we have chosen to carry out that mission. Years ago, we were first in the world to pioneer the production of cold pressed sugarcane juice with a refrigerated shelf life of up to 60 days and shortly after started producing 100% pure cane syrup as well. The response to our products has been great and we are more determined than ever to promote sugarcane globally.


One of the things we have long thought about and finally decided to do is to produce an all natural shelf stable sugarcane juice product. A beverage that was all natural and still 100% sugarcane juice but requires no refrigeration and has a long shelf life. This would make the product more affordable to people and less expensive to ship for online orders. I am excited to say we have succeeded in doing so and happy to introduce our 100% sugarcane juice, shelf stable.

This version of sugarcane juice comes in a 300ml glass bottle and is delicious. There is nothing like it in the market and we believe you will really enjoy this product. Look out for it in stores and it is now available for ordering via our online shop as well.