Our Story


It all started with a vacation trip....

...to Nigeria. I saw a guy selling sugarcane in a wheel barrow on the street. I stopped and bought some. As I enjoyed it, I told myself I would try to find it when I got back to New York. I searched everywhere for it when I got back and could not find a true sugarcane water beverage that was free of added sugar, preservatives or additives. I decided I would figure out how to make it and while doing that, I started to learn about the health benefits of it. I bought a small machine and started making it at home for myself, friends and family. When I saw they really liked it, I decided I would approach a natural foods store near my apartment and ask if they would carry my product if I made it. The manager said yes and after spending a few months figuring out how to produce it for retail, I got into our first store and here we are.

Sugarcane Island “Sugarcane Water” is a 100% sugarcane water beverage. Sugarcane is an ancient food, cultivated for over 3000 years and used by many local cultures worldwide as medicine. Till now, the water from sugarcane has been chewed from the stalks or squeezed fresh to be enjoyed immediately due to how fast it oxidizes. Through a unique juicing method and the use of innovative technology, we are the first company in the world to produce sugarcane water with a refrigerated life of up to 60 days. The world's first whole food energy beverage.

Our water is cold pressed from carefully selected farm-fresh sugarcane stalks. We then apply cold pressure processing to eliminate all harmful bacteria, leaving all the natural nutrients and flavor intact while also extending the refrigerated shelf life. We never heat (aka flash) pasteurize our sugarcane water. No sugar added, no preservatives, no "natural flavors", no colors or anything artificial. It’s raw, delicious, and pure - Just as nature intended.

Our mission is to promote a world where people help each other flourish. Our motto "Made for you to flourish" embodies that goal and drives our company. We believe in creating truly natural food products that will keep your body nourished in a healthy way and allow you to live flourishing lives.

- Ganiu